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2020-2021 Intent to Return
This form should be completed by all parents for the 2020-2021 school year. Once the form is submitted, the student is committed to homeschooling, learning via distant learning, or in the traditional classroom format. Students who choose distance learning will not be able to switch until the spring semester beginning in January 2021. Those deciding to home school or distance learn are responsible for obtaining internet as needed. Students who choose distance learning or in-person learning will be provided a Chromebook.

We are asking those attending in person via the traditional learning format to consider transporting their children (if possible) to reduce the number of students on the bus and reduce the risks associated with being in close quarters and riding the bus.

This document must be completed by August 13, 2020.

Please submit one survey per child in your household.
Remote Learning Expectations

For students who will learn via distance learning, the following expectations must be met:
*We are committed to distance learning for at least the entire first semester.
*We understand that we may switch to face-to-face learning for the spring semester.
*The student will have access to internet on a regular basis to complete school work.
*Chromebooks will be provided by the Strasburg School District.
*The student will have email access to communicate with the teacher as needed.
*The student will respond to and schedule appointments with the teacher so appropriate feedback may be given on a regular basis.
*Classroom recordings will be made available and should be watched by the student on a regular basis.
*Students will make adequate progress and learning on a regular basis and not fall behind.
*All course work is to be completed; and the failure to complete coursework could result in future loss of opportunities for distance learning.
*All learning is for a grade. No work will be exempted.
*Students who fail to complete the coursework or do not receive a passing grade will repeat the course or could be retained.
Name of Student (repeat this form for each student) *
Grade of Student for 2020-2021 (type a number for grade or K for Kindergarten) *
Does your student have any of the following already in place? (Check all that apply) *
Does your student have WiFi or internet access at home? *
The student will learn using the following method for at least the Fall of 2020 *
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