Strasburg Planning and Needs Assessment

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September 21, 2020

District Needs Assessment Dialogue with all Stakeholders

It is hard to believe that we are back in school! It was a very busy summer, and we believe you will see some needed improvements throughout  the building . Being new to the District it is important for me to listen, understand and implement items that are important to you.

As we get back into the swing of things and routines associated with school, I wanted to foreshadow a few things that you will be seeing come out over the next few months. Communication is the most important, yet difficult thing to accomplish in a school district. Just because it is hard doesn’t mean that we shy away from it. Starting this week, we will be engaging with parents, community members, teachers and students to understand everyone’s unique perspective. It is the vision of the Strasburg C-3 School District to be a model of excellence that sets the standards and maximizes the potential for every student. To continuously improve on our commitment to provide a quality educational experience we will be reaching out via specific surveys to get feedback, criticism, suggestions and guidance. After we receive back the surveys we will be organizing the information so that it is meaningful and useful. My commitment is to let everyone know that their voice has been heard. Although we cannot act on every suggestion I would like to further this discussion and develop a plan and a  strategy on things that would improve the educational environment and safety of our students and staff. 

In the weeks to come I will be visiting with stakeholders in the community to develop a long term plan that addresses four very important cornerstones:  people, business, money, and technical components of our district. 

All feedback is welcome; the dialogue is healthy and needed to determine how best we can serve our community and kids.

More to come….


Chrystal Mayfield, 


Strasburg C-3 School District



Parent Survey: Planning and Needs Assessment